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Weschester Modular Homes, Inc.
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New Hampshire Service Area



Westchester Modular Homes maintains a complete list of Authorized Independent Builders in New Hampshire. View our listing of Westchester Modular Homes Builders for New Hampshire here. Feel free to Contact us or call us at 1-800-832-3888 for more information on the Authorized Westchester Modular Home Builder near you.

New Hampshire Service Area

New Hampshire Service AreaWestchester Modular Homes in NH

Unlike stick-built homes that are subject to wide variations in quality due to building conditions, Westchester Modular's master craftsmen construct custom-designed homes in climate-controlled facilities. This environment enables us protect the integrity of our building materials as we can create the custom-built modular homes New Hampshire residents dream of.


New Hampshire Modular Homes

From the White Mountains to Hanover to Lake Winnipesaukee and beyond, Westchester Modular has partnered with a selective group of modular home builders New Hampshire recognizes for constructing beautiful, custom-designed residences suitable for primary or vacation living.


Tour Our Facility

Don't take our word for it. Plan a visit to our factory, located in Wingdale, NY in Southern Duchess County, so you can see exactly how our NH modular homes are built. Following the factory tour, walk through our two finished, fully furnished model homes and discover the difference that climate-controlled construction practices make in overall quality. Alternatively, view our online gallery of finished homes so you can see the diverse variety of styles and sizes we offer our customers.


Energy Star Certification

Westchester Modular's factory was the first modular facility on the East Coast to earn an Energy Star certification. In fact, the manufactured homes New Hampshire looks to for improved utility savings and conserved natural resources are built by Westchester Modular.


Discover Your Options

Westchester Modular Homes offer a variety of choices for building a new residence or renovating an existing property. We offer New Hampshire homeowners the opportunity to teardown and rebuild, add a second story and more. Choose among true custom built designs or among tried-and-true classics such as colonials, capes, ranches and more. We can create whatever you desire in a climate-controlled, environmentally safe manner.


Visit us and discover how you can eliminate the annoyances and delays that result from the traditional stick-built construction process with a cost-effective custom-built home from Westchester Modular. We can make your New Hampshire home the envy of the neighborhood!


Westchester Modular Homes maintains a complete list of Authorized Independent Builders in your area. Contact us via E-mail or at 1-800-832-3888 for the Authorized Westchester Modular Home Builder near you.