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Weschester Modular Homes, Inc.
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New York Service Area


Westchester Modular Homes maintains a complete list of Authorized Independent Builders in New York. View our listing of Westchester Modular Homes Builders for New York here. Feel free to contact us or call at 1-800-832-3888 for more information on the Authorized Westchester Modular Home Builder near you.

New York Service Area

New York Modular HomesOur Builder Network for Modular Homes in NY

Westchester offers an extensive builder network for modular homes in NY. Whether you're located in the Poconos region near the PA border, farther upstate in the Schenectady area, on Long Island, or anywhere in between, we can show you how a Westchester Modular Home can provide you with a luxurious and affordable housing alternative.


Modular Home Basics

A modular home is a building system where homes are constructed in segments called modules. Unlike traditional homes where the entire construction process takes place on-site, the modules are manufactured in climate-controlled facilities by master craftsmen with painstaking attention to every detail. The climate-controlled environment protects the integrity of the building materials by shielding them from the elements until the modules can be delivered to your site for final assembly.


Custom-Designed Modular Homes

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own home to your exact specifications? If so, Westchester Modular Homes is a dream come true. In many cases, we can offer extensive design flexibility, within engineering limitations. Once we complete your design, the modules for your new home can be constructed in about a week. After module delivery to your site, your local builder can have your modular home finished in as little as 30 days.


See the Assembly Process for Modular Homes for Yourself

The best way to get the full story is to visit our factory for modular homes located in Wingdale, Duchess County, and take our free factory tour offered the first Saturday of every month between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. We think you'll find the experience fascinating, and you'll get an up-close look at professionally decorated finished homes. Once you see a beautiful Westchester Modular Home for yourself, you'll understand why we believe our modular homes offer the best home value for your money.