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We also offer several new options, including our Heritage Collection, which is characterized by high-efficiency and low-maintenance options, and our American Eagle Series, which uses low-cost options to make home ownership a reality in today's tough economy. Our builders also offer multi-family home and commercial buildings.


And, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for in our extensive list of new modular homes for sale, we can create your own custom dream home.


To speak with an authorized builder about your modular home options, call our modular home sales department today at 800-832-3888.

Custom Homes

Westchester Modular custom homes

Westchester welcomes custom designs that many home buyers associate with traditional on-site construction. Custom modular homes have become an increasingly popular option for customers who wish to give their home a unique flair and distinctive style. They turn to Westchester for our nearly limitless features and options available for selection when designing and constructing a modular home.


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Colonials Westchester Modular

Many of Westchester's most imaginative designs are found in our luxurious colonials. Whether you're looking for a quaint three bedroom home or a sprawling estate, Westchester can build it. Our two-story designs offer spaciousness, privacy and the ability to incorporate options that create distinctive, "one of a kind" luxury modular homes for sale.


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Westchester Modular commemorative homes

Westchester offers a variety of styles to meet every taste and budget. From colonials to ranches to split-levels and capes, we can build a luxury home to suit your needs.


We also offer several new options, including our Heritage Collection and our American Eagle Series. Our builders also offer multi-family home and commercial buildings.


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Westchester Modular Ranch

Affordable and Flexible. A Westchester Modular Ranch can be distinguished from traditional style ranches by exterior treatments such as reverse gables and front farmer porches. Interiors can be complimented by true cathedral ceilings, fireplaces, wet bars, large master bath suites and other amenities.


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Raised Ranches / Split Entries

raised ranches and split entries from Westchester Modular

Distinctive Design.  Today's Raised Ranches offer new home buyers a much more compelling design than raised ranches of years ago.  A unique feature of these modular homes for sale is the ability for future expansion in the full-sized basement area.  Many of our home owners have taken advantage of this bonus space by adding a guest bedroom or large family room for entertaining.  Today's raised ranches have come a long way in beauty and unique custom design.. Split Entries offer both affordability and the flexibility of expansion as your family grows.  


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Westchester Modular Capes

Traditional, Efficient and Popular. Your cape can be purchased with an unfinished second floor for future expandability, or Westchester can build the second floor finished from the factory.


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Coastal Collection

Westchester Modular Beach Homes

Westchester Modular's Rapid Response Team is ready to assist families in coastal regions who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Bringing 25 years of experience, our team rebuilds beach homes quickly and affordably. As with all of our modular homes, they are also customizable to suit your needs.


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Heritage Collection

heritage collection by Westchester Modular

These modular homes are specifically designed for low maintenance, high energy efficiency and easy living. These one floor designs offer convenience, economy and elegance.


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American Eagle Series

american eagle series

Westchester Modular Homes is proud to introduce their new American Eagle Series created to make the American Dream of home ownership come true for many of today's home buyers.


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Multi-Family Projects

multi-family homes from westchester modular

Westchester Modular Homes offers a wide range of Multi-Family designs from unique duplex and triplex options to townhouses, condominiums, apartments, and dormitories. These standard designs are merely a "starting point". If our standard plans will not work for your project, our experienced Sales and Engineering Departments will be happy to work with your architect to design modular units that will meet your market and work within your footprint


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Modular Homes for Sale: Home Building Made Easy

Whether you're moving into your first place or upgrading to a larger space, finding the perfect home can be difficult. When purchasing an existing home, you may not know what's lurking behind the kitchen upgrades and new drywall. The prefabricated homes Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. has for sale offer you the comfort of knowing what materials are going into your home from the ground up, while allowing you to customize each and every space in your new residence.

When looking at the available properties, you can find a variety of styles and price points in your favorite neighborhoods. However, older, existing homes can come with a wide range of fixes that could hit hard on your pocketbook. While standard home inspections will unearth faulty wiring and plumbing, roof repairs, and foundation cracks, what may be acceptable to buy today can cost thousands of dollars in the future. Newly built modular homes come without all of the hassle and headaches.

Plus, with Westchester Modular Homes, Inc., you can access a password-protected online design center to customize your unique modular home. From flooring to vanity fixtures, the options are endless and all at your fingertips. It's home building made easy.