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(LEED: Leadership in Energy Efficient Design)



LEED for Homes U.S.

Green Building Council Rating System


LEED for Homes is a rating system that promotes the design and construction of high-performance green homes. A green home uses less energy, water and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier and more comfortable for the occupants.

Benefits of a LEED home include lower energy and water bills; reduced greenhouse gas emissions; and less exposure to mold, mildew and other indoor toxins.

The net cost of owning a LEED home is comparable to that of owning a conventional home.




LEED homes are safer, healthier, more comfortable and more durable than standard homes. They have lower energy and water bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and fewer problems with mold, mildew and other indoor toxins.


LEED certification assures consumers that they can readily identify homes that have been third-party inspected, performance-tested and certified as truly green homes that will perform better than standard homes. Homebuilders using LEED are able to differentiate their homes as some of the best on the market.


Westchester Modular Homes has the proven ability to produce rated LEED homes.




  • Buildings Matter
    PDF Document published by the NY Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council



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