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Modular Workforce Housing

Modular housing has proven to be the fastest and most cost-effective way to create permanent, temporary or emergency workforce housing. Modular construction has a number of attractive benefits to both developers and homeowners in addition to being affordable, Westchester Modular workforce housing is more energy efficient, is easier to install, and offers a number of customization offerings to tailor each unit to the specific needs of the purchaser.

For over 25 years, Westchester Modular has been building mutually beneficial partnerships with contractors, developers and builders throughout the Northeast contact our team today for more information about what we can offer your business.

Faculty Housing - Salisbury, CT

Salisbury School Faculty Housing project westchester modular Salisbury School Faculty Housing westchester modular

Building Tomorrow's Communities

Modular workforce housing provides an economical platform for building new communities. Like much of the country, parts of the Northeast region continue to face a shortage of affordable housing, particularly around large employers. Developers who are able to address this need will find many growth opportunities in the coming years.

By partnering with Westchester Modular, builders and developers can offer superior modular employee housing at an attractive price. Our products are well-appointed and offer a range of design flexibility, making them suitable for diverse communities and demographics.

A 21st Century Housing Solution

As a builder or developer, you want to offer workforce housing solutions that deliver low cost and faster time to occupancy without sacrificing quality. In each of these instances, modular workforce housing excels. All our modular units are built in our factory in Wingdale, NY, where we are able to oversee construction and ensure a high level of quality control. For end users, this translates to lower maintenance costs, greater energy efficiency and longer lifespan all important sell points when developing a planned community.

Builder and Developer Resources

At Westchester Modular, we believe working closely with our builder and developer partners is the key to promoting our mutual success. When you become one of our preferred builders, you'll receive extensive marketing support, including printed brochures and other promotional materials, co-op advertising, access to our model home facilities and automatic email leads from our web site. We can also provide on-site training for your staff, exclusive factory tours and a free listing on our website.

The Professional's Choice for Modular Workforce Housing

When it comes to workforce, temporary or emergency housing, modular construction remains the professional's choice throughout the Northeast. No company offers the quality, convenience and consumer-trusted pedigree of Westchester Modular. To find out more about our modular workforce housing options, contact one of our representatives today.

Built Tough for the East Coast

Westchester Modular is proud to work with some of the largest contractors and developers in the Northeast. We understand your reputation is contingent on the quality of product you provide, and we're always striving to deliver modular triplexes, duplexes and other multi-unit housing that live up to that promise. Our products combine luxury, affordability and quality built to last for years.

Perhaps nothing speaks to this craftsmanship better than the number of Westchester Modular duplexes that were still standing after Hurricane Sandy. Visit our testimonial page and you'll see it was Westchester Modular quality that stood up to the largest storm in a generation, and it was a Westchester Modular home that ended up replacing many of the poorly-built units that didn't.

Why Westchester Modular?

Aside from the undeniable quality of our modular duplexes, there are several additional reasons why you should consider becoming a Westchester Modular builder partner. We are committed to the success of everyone we work with, and we offer extensive marketing support, lead generation, co-operative advertising and on-site training for your staff.

As the world evolves, we are all looking for ways to be more efficient and productive at Westchester Modular, we believe 21st century families deserve 21st century homes. Contact our team for more information about how we can work together to build them.

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