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Our 8,000th home is a gorgeous 4,600 square foot colonial which was recently delivered to Squash Meadow Construction on Martha's Vineyard!
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Exceptional Quality

Custom Homes

Premium homes built indoors, delivered on time.


Tour Select Models and Custom Homes

Virtually tour a number of select models via state-of-the-art 3D walk-throughs. Take a glimpse inside homes we built and see the design and construction quality for yourself.

What’s Your Style?

From Craftsman to Colonial and beyond, pick out your favorite style and start customizing interior and exterior features to fit your vision. All of our home plans can be modified to accommodate your needs and wants. We can also design a completely new layout and/or work with your architect to create the home of your dreams.

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Many of Westchester’s most imaginative designs are found in our colonials. Whether you’re looking for a quaint three-bedroom home or a sprawling estate, Westchester can build it for you. Our two-story designs offer spaciousness, privacy and the ability to incorporate options that create distinctive, “one of a kind” luxury modular homes.



We invite you to step back to another era of old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail. Now’s your opportunity to experience a home with ample charm and plenty of living space. Let our expert team show you how Westchester builds traditional style and exceptional quality into these beautiful rustic homes.



A Westchester Modular Ranch can be distinguished from traditional style ranches by exterior treatments such as reverse gables and front farmer porches. Interiors can be complimented by a true cathedral ceiling, fireplaces, wet bars, large master bath suites and other amenities. There are many more customization options available.



Our customized capes offer spaciousness, privacy and the ability to incorporate custom options that create distinctive, “one of a kind” luxury homes and estates. Your cape can include cathedral ceilings, oak or maple kitchen cabinets, a master bath and Jacuzzi tub, open balconies, dormers and porches, and more.



Westchester Modular’s Rapid Response Team is ready to assist families in coastal regions who have been affected by hurricanes. Bringing 25 years of experience, our team rebuilds beach homes quickly and affordably. As with all of our modular homes, they are also customizable to suit your needs.



Westchester offers a wide range of multi-family designs, from unique duplex and triplex to townhouses, condominiums, apartments, & dormitories. If our standard plans will not work for your project, our Sales and Engineering Departments will be happy to work with your architect to design units to suit your needs.

Carriage Homes

Westchester Modular Homes can also work with you to build a fully custom designed carriage home which can be set on a crawl space or a full basement. The living spaces are usually set above a number of garages, hence the name carriage homes or garage homes. Click on the link below to explore one.

Accessory Dwelling Units

ADUs have many synonyms and come in a variety of shapes and forms, ranging from basement built-outs to stand-alone structures. However, to be considered an ADU they must have their own primary entrance and cannot be permanently open to the primary home if attached. Click the link below to explore one.


Custom Designed for You

We'll help you every step of the way.


Right by Your Side

You can rest assured we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our houses are of impeccable quality, and our service is what makes us superior.

The Process

Your brand new home, that you’ll enjoy for life, is right on the other side. Click on the links below to learn more about the modular design and construction process.

1. Find an Approved Building Lot

The initial step of building your dream home is acquiring a piece of buildable property.  Westchester Modular Homes works with local independent builders who may be able to assist you with land search. You can also work with a local Realtor to obtain a buildable lot. An important note, prior to purchasing any parcel of land you will want a Westchester Modular Homes Independent Builder to evaluate it’s potential. Find a Realtor in the State of New York, New Jersey, PennsylvaniaConnecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont or Maine by clicking on this link.

2. Find an Approved Builder

Westchester Modular Homes works with local independent builders who have been approved and trained to build our modular homes in a specified region. Your Westchester Modular Homes Independent Builder will work through preliminary budgets with you and discuss the modular home construction process in detail. Contact us for a list of builders covering your area. Please click this link to meet one of the builders working with us to design and build your new dream home.

3. Secure Financing

Securing permits and construction financing for a Westchester Modular Home is the same as for a conventional on-site built home. Your chosen builder will be securing the required permits for your project. Westchester Modular Homes customers can select almost any local financing source or we can recommend a bank that is familiar with the Westchester Modular Homes Building Process. Please click this link to learn about the banks that are very familar with our building process. However, you can also work with a lender you know because most of them will work with us.

4. Design Your Home

You can start with a standard Westchester Modular Home design and modify it to fit your needs and wants with the help of our in-house designers.  You can also bring a layout you’re already in love with, you can involve an architect of your choice, or work with the independent builder you select to create a completely custom design utilizing our special in house CAD program Chief Architect. Please click this link to watch the design process video.

5. Finalize Your Order

Once you have completed the conceptual design, the builder will order the house from the factory. The Westchester Modular Homes Engineering Department will complete the plans necessary for the building permits while you are finalizing your financing and making your choices for countertops, bathroom fixtures, cabinet styles and exterior colors via the Westchester Modular Homes Virtual Design Center. With the help of your builder you can also customize your future home even further. Please click this link to open the factory’s products catalog.

6. Building Starts

Once your builder has completed the building permit process, the site work and the foundation is started and at the same time your home is put into production at the factory. In seven short days your home is completed as per the approved plans and ready for transportation to the building site. The factory set crew will be doing the setting of the home on the foundation prepared by your builder. Please click this link to see the construction process video.

7. Home Delivery & Setting

The modules that make up your new home are carefully delivered to your site in preparation of the actual set of the home. Westchester’s own factory set crew then carefully lifts all modules into place, joins them together and secure them to the foundation. At the end of the day your home is set, secured and weather tight on the foundation ready for completion by your builder. Please click this link to watch the delivery & setting process video.

8. On-Site Finishes

Now that your home is set, your builder can get started on the completion process. Electrical, plumbing and heating connections are finished up. Exterior siding is finalized along with porches, decks, patios, walkways and garages. Some minor interior carpentry and drywall button up is done prior to the installation of floor coverings and kitchen appliances. Outside, the builder is completing sewer and water connections along with final grade and seeding the lawn. Please click this link to obtain the contact information for builders in your area that are very familar with our construction process, systems and products.

9. Inspect & Enjoy

Enjoy and feel comfortable that your custom built Westchester Modular Home is covered by a 10-year structural warranty with our 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty Program®. Your builder will go over the completed home with you making sure all details are just as you ordered them, close all open permits, and obtain the Certificate of Occupancy for you. Please click this link to watch and listen to a home owner which had her home designed and built by us.

The Process

Your brand new home, that you’ll enjoy for life, is right on the other side. Click on the links below to learn more about the modular design and construction process.

1. Secure Financing

We’ll help you get the financing that you need.

2. Design Your Home

We’ll work with you to design each aspect of your home inside and out.

3. Finalize Your Order

Finish your customizations, finalize plans and place your order.

4. Building Starts

In a few short days, your custom home will be finished and ready to be shipped.

5. On-Site Work

Once the home is delivered, your builder will finish many of the remaining steps from plumbing to electrical.

6. Inspect & Enjoy

The house will be inspected and you’ll be ready to start enjoying your brand new home.

Kind Words from Customers

It’s not enough to deliver a quality home, we see it through from start to finish.

Westchester Modular built both of our homes with our input and needs in mind and we were delighted and satisfied with our new homes. If we were to build again, we would definitely use Westchester Modular Homes and we have always recommended them to anyone interested in building a home.


Thank you. Those two simple words seem so small and inconsequential however they are filled with so much more, so I offer, on behalf of Bruce and myself, a sincere and simple Thank you. We started our dreams, almost 34 years ago when we first started to vacation by renting lake front homes. We learned the good, the bad and ugly from many years of traveling by ourselves, with our dogs and our children. Five years ago we found our own lakefront location and truly began to make plans for a lakefront home. Now Westchester Modular Homes helped us design and construct our dream home come true. We just love it!


What a fantastic job. Westchester Moduar Homes helped us create the home we always wanted. We worked with their design team and the recommended builder Westchester Modular Homes Construction Corp. We are very happy with the results and can only recommend them to anyone looking to build a home.