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Salisbury Faculty Housing

Modular workforce housing provides an economical platform for building new communities. Like much of the country, parts of the Northeast region continue to face a shortage of affordable housing, particularly around large employers. Developers who are able to address this need will find many growth opportunities in the coming years.

As a builder or developer, you want to offer workforce housing solutions that deliver low cost and faster time to occupancy without sacrificing quality. All our modular units are built in our factory in Wingdale, NY, where we are able to oversee construction and ensure a high level of quality control. For end users, this translates to lower maintenance costs, greater energy efficiency and longer lifespan – important selling points when developing a planned community.

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Westchester Modular Homes is a family-owned business headquartered in Wingdale, NY. We are the national leader in the design and production of high-quality custom homes.

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Independent Westchester home builders can assist in all phases of your new home purchase: Working with real estate agents, land location services, design, planning, financing, and more. Click this link to inquire.

Recent Projects

Midtown Apartments by Westchester Modular Homes
Washington Township, NJ

The Midtown Project is a mixed-use apartment complex/retail building. This four-story complex features spacious apartments and townhouses above a ground floor retail space. Initial construction on the complex was completed in a few weeks with flooring, heating, plumbing and a sprinkler system in place.

Forthill Townhomes by Westchester Modular Homes
New Milford, CT

In addition to providing single-family modular housing, Westchester Modular can also help you build a modular apartment complex. We serve developers and contractors throughout the Northeast, and we deliver the same level of high quality on our commercial modular projects.

Cabrini Group Home by Westchester Modular Homes
Coram, New York

Cabrini Gardens, a Catholic Charities project, consisted of two buildings, each made up of 50 modules. Westchester Modular Homes worked in tandem with the owners, architectural firm, and the general contractor, Jarro Building Industries to bring this project to an extremely successful completion.