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House 8000 – Construction Timeline – Photo & Video Gallery

House 8000 / Site Clearing / 03/28/2023 - 03/30/2023

The Martha's Vineyard building lot for House 8000 has been cleared by the builder. He is now waiting on engineers to restake so excavation can start.

House 8000 / Site Excavation / 03/31/2023

The Martha's Vineyard building lot for House 8000 has been cleared. The engineers have restaked the lot and excavation is starting.

House 8000 / Foundation Layout / 04/10/2023

The foundation pit for House 8000 has been dug out and the foundation footing forms have been installed. The builder is waiting for the building inspector to do the inspection so he can pour concrete.

House 8000 / Footings Poured / 04/14/2023

The foundation pit for House 8000 has been dug out and the foundation forms have been installed. The building inspector checked and approved them and today the builder is pouring the concrete into the footing forms.

House 8000 / Footing Forms Removed & Wall Forms Installed 04/19/2023 - 04/21/2023

The builder removed the concrete footing forms, added backfill, tamped it down and started to put up the forms for the foundation walls. They should be finished and ready for concrete by middle of next week.

House 8000 / Foundation Walls Poured / 04/26/2023 - 05/05/2023

The builder's crew finished the foundation wall forms, reinforced them with rebar, placed the basement window frames and finally poured concrete into the forms. Once the concrete has cured the wall forms are removed to expose the newly created foundation for House 8000.

House 8000 / Construction Starts At WMH Factory / 05/12/2023

One of the benefits of building with modular construction is saving time which in turn also saves money. In just 8 short days, this 4,600 square foot home will be completed in the factory during the same time the builder is installing the foundation. The home will be 75% - 80% complete on June 7th when it is scheduled to be set on the foundation leading to a dramatic savings both in time and money. This efficiency is only possible with modular construction. Day #1 of the production process includes framing out the first three floor and wall systems as shown in the pictures below.

House 8000 / Foundation Walls Waterproofed / 05/12/2023

The builder waterproofed the foundation walls for House 8000 and braced them to be able to apply backfill once the waterproofing has cured.

House 8000 / Construction Of Modules Continues At WMH Factory / 05/15/2023

On day #2 more floors for this 8 module home are being started in the factory. Walls are being set in place on each module and the roof and ceiling systems are being assembled on the roof jig. In the meanwhile, at the building site, the builder is waterpoofing the foundation and getting prepared to pour the basement floors. Once the waterproofing has cured the foundation will be backfilled.

House 8000 / Foundation Backfilled / 05/15/2023

The waterproofing has cured and the builder backfilled the foundation. The trench for the utilities lines has been dug.

House 8000 / Construction Of Modules Continues At WMH Factory / 05/16/2023

In the meanwhile construction of the house modules at the factory continues. The factory electricians have started to install wall and ceiling outlet boxes, as well as exhaust systems and interior power lines. The plumbers have begun to install the interior water supply and waste water lines.

House 8000 / Installed Electrical Service On Site / 05/19/2023

While the construction of the modules at the factory continues the builder's on site electricians brought in electrical service underground and installed the main breaker box on one of the basement walls.

House 8000 - Sheetrock, Windows & Doors Installation - 05/17/2023 - 05/20/2023

The construction of the house modules at the factory continues and is in full swing. The electricians and plumbers have installed the interior utility lines. The sheetrock crew is in the middle of installing, taping and sanding the interior walls and ceilings. As they finish off module after module the openings for the windows and exterior doors are cut out. The exterior insulation is applied before the windows and doors go in. Once the windows and doors are installed they are trimmed out.

House 8000 / Sill Plate Installation / 05/24/2023 - 05/25/2023

The lumber for the sill plate has arrived at the building site and is being staged for the buildere's crew to install it.

House 8000 / Insulation, Roofing, Siding, Finish Work, Primer, Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry Installation / 05/21/2023 - 05/23/2023

The various factory finishing crews have been busy installing moldings, kitchen & bathroom cabinets. At the same time the electricians and plumbers are placing their fixtures. The roof insulation and plywood sheathing is applied while the siding specialists are installing most of the siding. The roofers are adding sheathing, ice shield and architectural shingles. Every detail is being finalized and double checked. The modules also receive a coat of white interior primer. Once dry they are now ready to be prepped for shipping.

House 8000 / Prepping, Wrapping & Staging Modules / 05/23/2023

The modules for House 8000 have been completed in just 8 working days and after a final quality check they are now ready for a heavy plastic wrap to protect them during shipping. Once this has been done they are staged in the factory yard to be loaded onto their transports. In only 8 days the highly skilled factory team has produced a 4,600 square foot custom modular home with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms that is about 80% complete, ready to be shipped and installed on it's Martha's Vineyard foundation. Not only was this accomplished without exposing any part of it to the elements, it was also done with extraordinary accuracy and quality, with the very same or even better materials used in a site built home.

House 8000 / Garage Slab Poured / 05/26/2023 - 05/28/2023

The builder has installed the garage floor underlayment and rebar and is now pouring the concrete slab.

House 8000 / Getting Ready For Transport / 06/02/2023

While the builder installed the garage floor slab the factory crew staged the finished modules of House 8000 and loaded them onto the transport rigs.

House 8000 / Transport Of Modules To Martha's Vineyard Site / 06/06/2023 - 06/07/2023

The Westchester Modular Homes transportation & set crew delivered the finished modules to the barge which in turn ferried them to Martha's Vineyard. This required precise timing because of the tides schedule they had to adhere to. Once they are unloaded from the barge they are trucked to the building site where they are staged, unwrapped & checked for damages. The set crew double checks the foundation for accuracy to make sure nothing is off by more than a quarter of an inch. Then they prepare the modules for their placement onto the foundation which is done with the help of their mobile crane.

House 8000 / Setting Of Modules Onto The Foundation - Day 1 / 06/07/2023

Set Day 1 - The Westchester Modular Homes set crew places the modules with the help of their crane in a predetermined sequence, bolts them together & secures them onto the sill plate of the foundation with hurricane straps made from steel.

House 8000 / Setting Of Modules Onto The Foundation - Day 2 / 06/08/2023

Set Day 2 - The Westchester Modular Homes set crew finished placing the final modules onto the foundation. The house is now weathertight and ready for the builder's crew to begin the interior & exterior finish work, install the heating & cooling systems, the hot water heater & all of the other utilities.

House 8000 / Finishing Work / 06/14/2023 - 01/30/2024

While the home is already about 70% complete after setting it onto the foundation there is still plenty of interior and exterior work left. First task is to install the basement floor underlayment, rebar and drainage system so the builder's crew can pour concrete. Once this done the builder's team and his subcontractors are getting ready to finish the home up. Plumbing and electrical conncetions need to be made and sheetrock needs to be installed where the individual modules meet. Once that is done the painters will start working their magic. The stairs and floors are also getting already prepared for the flooring selected by the owners. Scaffolding has been put up so the builder can start to apply the exterior siding and trim. The ductwork for the heating and A/C systems are being installed as well as the systems themselves.

House 8000 / Final Impressions / 01-30-2024

The Squash Medow Construction finishing crew completed the last details, final inspections have been completed, and the new home owners have started to move in.