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My wife and I had meet a contractor and sat in on the tour. Then saw a finished product in Brick, NJ and now we have our house and we are happy with it. Great job Westchester and KPS.


Incredible! My home is a WMH - Love it. That crane is BEASTLY. Here's a time lapse of mine!


We built a Westchester Home 26 years ago. Best investment we ever made. Thanks for building a great house.


My house is a Westchester Modular, and I couldn't be happier with the quality, the experience and the people at WMH - John Colucci is the best! I am honored to have him as a friend! The entire team is incredible, and it shows in their quality workmanship.


The people from Westchester Modular put my house up in 1986. I still love my home after 37 years.


This is my house in Bridgewater New Hampshire, Westchester and C Hogan Construction has been great to work with. I highly recommend them and Westchester Modular Homes if you are looking for a quality new home.


Attended a virtual home tour with Westchester homes and could not be more impressed. Great information delivered by professional and knowledgeable staff. Thanks John, Dave, and Vinnie for a great presentation.


I just attended a seminar with John from Westchester Modular Homes and it was very informative. Looking forward to working with this company on our next build. I've worked for a luxury home builder for the past 6 years and am impressed with Westchester's shortened timeframe from start to finish, and the quality of the homes. I like the idea of the homes being build in sections indoors and not being left exposed to the elements during the build. Looking forward to our new home!


Overall, we are really happy with how our house turned out and the support we've received from WMH. The factory quality control, the speed which the house can be built, the ability to put up a new custom house that we had input in developing without hiring an architect, and having a company which will be around to warranty the house for years is why we went with WMH.


Enjoyed my whole experience! The staff was great and worked with me on all my requests. Especially the salesman was very organized and listened to all that we wanted in our new home. I have recommended this company to many of my friends and family. Enjoying my new home. Thank you to the whole staff to get us thru this process.


Maybe some past reviews do not know what it takes to build/assemble new modular homes. The houses were built to my specifications, on time with the materials I chose. Everything was assembled in a timely and professional manner. The complex turned out great.


My house is a Westchester Modular, and I couldn't be happier with the quality, the experience and the people at WMH - John Colucci is the best! I am honored to have him as a friend! The entire team is incredible, and it shows in their quality workmanship.


We did a Westchester Modular this Spring in Brick NJ. The builder and Westchester did a great job on our 2 story 2,400 Sq ft home. Would be happy to show anyone interested in the final product.


Our Westchester Modular Home was built in 1987! Still standing strong and the interior design we created has served us well in raising three boys!

C. Roche

They are well made homes that are constructed stronger than the conventional built home. If you want a quality built home, this is a great option.

A. Covil

Our home was built by you in 1996 and it is absolutely gorgeous. Our contractor was Victor Norman of Ilion, New York.


On behalf of the entire membership of the Edgartown Golf Club, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the terrific job you did on our new employee house. All of you, and all of the subs did great work on this project that was on time and budget. The quality of the project is exceptional and the entire team you have is obviously dedicated to your enterprise. We would not hesitate to hire you for another project.


Westchester Modular is an awesome company to work with. Extremely helpful and professional with our entire project build out! They were there for us from the beginning to the end. I couldn't think of ever taking on another project like this without their help and guidance.


We were very satisfied with the relationship we had (and have) with Westchester Modular Homes. From the design stage through construction they were very helpful in laying out our home, working within our budget, and bringing the home to the site in a timely manner.

Garry Lynch

The construction and factory quality control, the speed which the house can be built, the ability to put up a new custom house that we had input in developing without hiring an architect, and having a company which will be around to warranty the house for years is why we went with WMH.


Make sure you hire a great builder that knows how to prep for and finish up a modualr home. While WHM builds and sets the home, the builder does all the site work, foundation and such, and pretty much takes over once the home is on the foundation. Our builder that we can recommend was MH Imperial Homes in Fort Anne.


When our friends visit us, they don't believe the home is "a modular". Modular is not what most people think anymore - it should be called "indoor constructed". There are very few limitations as to the design. Did I mention that from the time the house was on the foundation until the time we moved in was 3 months?


All we can say is that our new home came out fantastic and we're thrilled. Pretty much it is a custom home where much of the work was done at the factory. We also like the fact that we know all the brands WMH uses (Anderson, Delta, Certainteed, American Standard, Merilat, etc).


We are very happy with our Westchester Modular Home. In today’s day and age, I am certain that there are very few home builders that will go the extra mile as they have. I now believe that there are people out there that will indeed “do the right thing”. My wife and I remain extremely satisfied with their work.

Paul & Ellen

Ridgetop contracted with Westchester Modular Homes to build a multi-family property on a parcel we acquired, adjacent to our 1950's apartment community. Our Team worked closely with John Colucci, Gerry Hatcher, Mike Hatcher and Jim Woodside at Westchester Modular Homes through concept, design, and construction. The goal was to create a new building that complimented, enhanced, and blended with our existing 70-year-old, brick, 3-story walk-up community. The new 13,000 square foot modular building included one-bedroom apartments, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, master bedroom, walk-in closet, and in-unit laundry, as well as an elevator, mail room, package room, storage rooms, covered parking, and communal living spaces. Westchester Modular Homes constructed 16 modular boxes, measuring approximately 14'x60' in just 4 weeks. They transported and staged each box onsite, before the date of the set. The transformation that occurred in the two-day set was astonishing. The solid construction, coupled with sheer speed, reveals why a modular build has so much appeal. The timeline from the initial set to receiving the final certificate of occupancy was only six months. During this time, we installed custom finishes and amenities for our residents' enjoyment and also pre-leased 100% of the units. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing our vision come to life and receiving such positive feedback from the municipality, associates, and now the residents who call this building "home." We are looking forward to many future projects with Westchester Modular Homes!


From the beginning this has been a wonderful experience with a great group of professionals. From the day we went to the factory, to the final inspection by the town building inspectors, WMHC staff were helpful, supportive, informative, proactive, knowledgeable and professional at every step.

Nestor & Helena

Words fail to express my extreme satisfaction and appreciation for all that Westchester Modular has done in actually “doing the right thing”. Westchester’s representative Liz worked diligently to coordinate all of the schedules of the various people who came to my home to work on various projects.


What a fantastic job. Westchester Moduar Homes helped us create the home we always wanted. We worked with their design team and the recommended builder Westchester Modular Homes Construction Corp. We are very happy with the results and can only recommend them to anyone looking to build a home.

George & Luise

Modular Advantage

Pat H helped to create our dream home. He has been absolutely amazing to work with during the entire process. There are not enough superlative adjectives in the dictionary to describe how good and impressive Pat is at his job. We highly recommend Westchester Modular!


Thank you. Those two simple words seem so small and inconsequential however they are filled with so much more, so I offer, on behalf of Bruce and myself, a sincere and simple Thank You Westchester Modular Homes for helping us make our dream home come true. It came out the way we invisoned it!

Bruce & Laura

Just a fabulous experience with Westchester Modular Homes from this consumer’s perspective. Chris and I are very pleased with the overall layout and look, even in rough form. Thanks again for your hard work and expertise. We are now looking to Bill, Matt, and their crew for putting on the finishing touches.

Randy & Chris

We cannot say enough good things about Westchester Modular. From the very beginning of the project, until the last day when construction was completed, everyone that we worked with was pleasant, professional, and most importantly, reliable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Danielle & Anthony

Westchester Modular built both of our homes with our input and needs in mind and we were delighted and satisfied with our new homes. If we were to build again, we would definitely use Westchester Modular Homes and we have always recommended them to anyone interested in building a home.

Howard & Christine

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to all of you for helping this dream of ours come true. From the very beginning, it has been a pleasure working with all of you. You were clear, patient and kind. If a misunderstanding came up, you were calm, direct and fair. You always had our best interests in mind.

Michael & Mary

Selecting Westchester Modular Homes was the best decision we made when deciding to rebuild our shore home on Long Beach Island, NJ! The team at Westchester Modular was with us every step of the way and provided sound and timely advice throughout the whole process.

Happy NJ Customer

What a fabulous team we had constructing our dream home. I know most folks ask: would you recommend them? Without hesitation or a doubt: YES. Rob and I feel that we have been blessed by having met all of you and have had the honor and privilege to work with you on our home.

Robert & Carla