8 Best Upgrades to Build into Your Modular Home

When you’re preparing to build a home, you want to see your vision become a reality. When you choose the many benefits of a modular, you’ll have the ability to customize your design, and integrate the upgrade options into your dream home. To help you prioritize where you should invest in your luxury modular home, here’s a look at some top upgrades:


There’s nothing quite like having an outdoor space that’s friendly, welcoming and usable. When you’re considering upgrades for your modular home, consider adding a porch in some area of the house, whether in the front, on the side or in the back. You’ll be glad you chose this upgrade when you’re out enjoying the beautiful spring and summer evenings.

Shutters and Window Grilles

Upgrading some of your windows’ features can really enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it far more attractive when guests come to visit. Without shutters and window grilles, a modular home can look just fine, but these additions make your home feel much more homey.


Garages And Breezeways

Protect your vehicles or add storage space when you choose to install a garage at your modular home. You may also consider leaving space between your garage and your home to create a breezeway, which can be a nice addition for sitting and enjoying the outdoors or using as a functional area at your home.



In the dead of winter, when you all you want to do is curl up and be warm in the evenings, you’ll want a place to start a fire. Yes, this is an added option in many modular home base models, but it’s one that will be greatly appreciated by all who live in and visit your home, especially if you live in the northern and colder parts of the country.



Add a box bay to your kitchen and grab just a few extra square feet that can make a real difference when you’re busy entertaining or just making a weekend meal. Box bays are options that may seem like small things, but they deliver big value once you’re in your home and experiencing day-to-day life there.


Interior Trims

Trim packages can take your home’s interior in many different directions. Choose to upgrade beyond just the basics and select a trim level that really aligns with your vision for what you want your home’s interior to be.


Energy Star Certification

Who doesn’t want to create the most energy-efficient home possible? When you choose Energy Star Certification packages, you’re assured that your home is as efficient and environmentally friendly as it can be.

When designing your first home, make sure it looks and feels just like you want it to. At Westchester Modular, we offer custom designed homes that you can add upgrade options you find most attractive.