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Running Out of Space? Try a Modular Addition

As your family grows, you’ll require increased space in your home to accommodate their needs. You may be tempted to look for a new home that can fit everyone and everything. But if you love the house you’re in, that may not be your ideal option.

We encourage you to instead consider a modular home addition. Modular home additions offer several advantages:

●  It’s more cost-effective than purchasing another home

●  It’s less of a hassle than purchasing another home

●  It offers access to the latest building technologies


Depending on where you’re located, a home can cost a pretty penny. Here in the New York metropolitan area, a home for a family of four can cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars. That may not be feasible for many folks.

There are additional costs associated with purchasing a new home. Taxes and closing costs can add up, repairs known and unknown can crop up and break the bank, and the cost of moving can be an annoying monkey to shake off of your back.

Building modular room additions are a great alternative to buying a new home for a growing family. They allow you the opportunity to design your own floor plan, name your budget, and keep your children in the same school district. In addition, you may wish to add an extra story on to your existing structure. Many people choose 2 story modular homes to add spatial and visual diversity to your beloved abode.

Modular additions can be built rather quickly, giving you extra space when you need it the most.


Less Hassle

In addition to the financial burden of purchasing a new home, adding a modular room to your existing home represents far less of a time and energy commitment. Searching for a home that is the right size and condition for you and your family can take quite a while, and during your search, you may miss out on opportunities to spend a day with your children and/or friends.

In addition, you won’t have to concern yourself with the upheaval of moving your kids to a new school district. They may also develop an emotional attachment to your existing home and neighborhood, which can be tough to deal with along with the many other roadblocks searching for a new home can create.

Adding a modular addition to your home is, by comparison, an easy process. Pick a reputable modular building contractor to work with, consult with them regarding your design preferences and budgetary needs, and you’re good to go. In addition, modular additions can be built rather quickly, giving you extra space when you need it the most.

Access to Exciting Innovative Building Technology

An old home can carry with it a lot of charm, elegance and style. It can also represent a money trap. Classic houses were constructed during times when architects and builders had access to less-advanced techniques and materials, and replacing things such as walls and framing can be tricky and time-consuming.

With modular construction, you can take advantage of new developments in building technology. Opt for elements such as energy-efficient windows and doors, steel framing and blow-in insulation. These can all help make your home a more eco-friendly place that will save you money on energy bills.