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Modular Smart Homes

Creating modular smart homes is much easier for homeowners today than it was in the past. Cool smart homes are much easier to design and build in this era of internet-connected smart devices. Now you can enjoy better energy efficiency, climate control, entertainment and security in your modular home. Here are five devices that can help you turn your modular home into a smart one.


Nest Cam

The Nest Cam offers you a functional, high-resolution wireless security camera. It produces a wide-angle video stream at 1080p that you can view from your smartphone. While this may not be a complete replacement for a home security system, it’s ideal when you need to monitor your kids. It can send you periodic alerts if it picks up suspicious activity, and it also sends old footage to the cloud so you can view it later.


Amazon Echo

Technically, Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker, but it offers you much more than a box for sending out crisp music. It also serves as a Google Now or Siri for the home. Echo can give you information about the weather, search for music online and alert you about calendar events. You can also use it to control other smart devices in the home. The Amazon Echo has been updated, making it easier and more convenient to use and making it a great hands-free instrument for gleaning information from the web.


Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a smart smoke/carbon monoxide detector. This attractive device does an excellent job of anticipating potential dangers and alerting you when there’s a problem. If you’re away from home when something goes wrong, it’ll send an alert to your smartphone. With its path light feature, it can provide illumination if it senses you’re walking in darkness. If the device gives a false alert because of steam or smoke coming from food that got slightly burnt, you can turn the device off from your smartphone.


Phillips Hue

The Philips Hue uses the smart lighting concept to allow you to change the hue of your LED light and change the mood in your room. It can be controlled by a smartphone app, and it’s easy and fun to use. It’s an affordable smart lighting fixture that takes the idea of adjustable lighting to another level.


Ecobee 3 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

The performance of the Ecobee 3 smart thermostat is superior to what most of the popular smart thermostats offer. It can easily learn your personal preferences and schedule and adjust the temperature to suit them. It has an attractive design, and it’s quite easy to use. You can use your phone app to control the home cooling or heating system with the help of this smart thermostat. Ecobee 3 allows you to place more sensors in your modular home so you can control the temperature in different rooms from your smartphone.

With the continuous improvement in smart gadgets and the advent of the much-awaited Internet of Things, you’ll find it much easier to build new modular smart homes. For more details on how to incorporate smart gadgets into your model home design, contact Westchester Modular Homes today.